Currently freelance creative director based in Paris.
I work for Beauty, Skincare, Fashion, Jewelry brands,
always with a smile!

I was senior art director, lead
for Ysl beauty for PublicisLuxe
in Paris for years, dedicated to 
all Yves Saint Laurent beauty
and skincare muses campaigns 
+ other L’Oréal brands.

Global art direction
Image strategy, 360°concept, art direction, print, film, graphic design
Fashion, beauty, skincare, press, digital, in luxury industry
from brand strategy to shoot leading & postproduction
Lead crew
french, english

Photographers Collaborations :
David Sims
Craig Mcdean
Amy Troost
Louie Banks
Felicity Ingram
Lachlan Bailey
Liz Collins
Nicholas Alan Cope
Theo Wenner
Max Farago
Serge Leblon
Mel Bles
Damon Baker
Benjamin Huseby
Christophe Meimoon
Laurent Humbert
Ines Dieleman
Mathieu Trautmann

Arnaud Pyvka
Cedric Viollet
Stéphane Pelletier
Eric Sauvage
Romain Ricard
Philippe Jarrigeon
Damien Ropero
Mason Poole
Samuel Kirszenbaum